For some people, my ideas about furniture design may be a little bit old-fashioned. I do believe that chairs and tables and other pieces should be visually appealing, decorative if used in the right environment. But I'm impatient when “decorative" undermines function. A chair is for sitting comfortably on or in; a dining table shouldn't bruise your knees or fill them with splinters from badly placed legs; and a coffee table should be tall enough that you don't need a chiropractor after bending to retrieve your Chardonnay. If it flunks the "usable" test, it may sometimes qualify as art, I suppose, but I'd be loathe to call it good furniture.


This was designed for maximum flexibility within the constraints of a customer’s 1,000 square foot apartment occupied by a couple who eat in but also frequently feed friends and family. Leaves down, it’s comfortable for four; one leaf up it takes seven; both leaves up, it takes ten in stride. Please contact me if you'd like to order a table similar to this.

Down: 58" l x 32" w x 28" ht; up: 96" l.

More photos of the MQ large dining table (click to view a larger image):